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MK JOB is a company with many years of experience, both on the local and international market. Recruitment and management are not only what we know and what we feel qualified, but also our passion.

Thanks to this, we constantly expand our knowledge of recruiting employees and effective management of them - we participate in trainings and conferences and closely follow the latest trends in the HR industry. We know the labor market perfectly well, we also have the right tools and methods developed over many years of experience, thanks to which reaching the right candidates is our daily routine. We operate throughout Poland as well as abroad.

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What we do?

We recruit employees to almost every industry and at every level of the organization. The labor market has no secrets for us, and we like challenges, so we will be happy to cooperate with you.

Employee leasing

At MK JOB, we also provide employee leasing services. We help companies not only in the selection and recruitment, but also in personnel management and HR and payroll matters. What is this process about? It is hiring employees to perform specific tasks, it is one of the forms of temporary work.

Why should you take advantage of employee leasing with us?

You will optimize employment costs in your company - you do not incur expenses related to the recruitment and employment of an employee under an employment contract or order. In addition, the cost of leasing can be classified as tax deductible costs.

You will save time that you would have to spend on self-recruitment.

This form of cooperation is very flexible - you can use it depending on your current needs.

Personal advice

MK JOB is highly specialized services supported by professional knowledge, experience and knowledge of the labor market. A significant part of our clients does not stop at one recruitment order. We are happy to establish permanent cooperation in the field of searching for employees.

Why is it worth starting cooperation with MK Job?

Our team consists of specialists with many years of experience in recruiting employees. We operate comprehensively, which means that your task is only to provide us with information about the position for which people are looking for and what are your expectations of them.

It is you who choose the candidate that best meets your expectations.

What else distinguishes us?

Extensive CV database,

we work in all industries, so we are sure that we will find the right employee for your company. Geographic barriers do not count for us.

Individual approach to each client,

you can count on special treatment. We will find a solution tailored to your measure.

We help you focus on

what is most important to you - focusing on the strategic goals of the company. Recruitment formalities are our business.

All cooperation is not only effective and comprehensive,

but also simple - we provide a transparent process of settlements with the help of one invoice and a minimum of formalities.

What do you get?


who has the required or even higher education, experience in a similar position and has many other skills in the performance of work.

You save a time,

which you would have to spend on your own research, preliminary interviews with candidates and various recruitment formalities.

You save money,

strange as it may seem, hiring a professional headhunter actually cuts recruiting costs.

You can focus on,

what you do best, which is running your business. We will enrich it with new specialists with appropriate qualifications.

Still looking for your dream job?

We know that finding the perfect job is not easy, but we never give up and we always do our best to ensure that the candidate receives an offer that meets his expectations and preferences. we have already helped hundreds of people. It's time for you!

With MK JOB, the job searching process is easy and fun. Your new job is closer than you think!!

Ready to find the perfect job?




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